Dance Lessons For Kids & Adults in Swords

Offering a varied timetable of classes for all ages and abilities.

Dance Class Timetables

Studio 26 dance academy provides a full and detailed list of dance classes to cater to everyone. From Latin to ballroom and even student-teacher training, we offer a varied timetable of classes for all ages and abilities. Check our timetables below and secure a booking today. (We also offer wedding couple lessons on any day).

Private Lessons Swords Monday Get in touch Adults & Kids
Adult Social Class Swords Tuesday 8-9 PM Adults
Minor Dance Class (Ballroom) Swords Wednesday 5-6 PM Kids
Juvenile & Junior Swords Wednesday 5.30-7 PM Teenagers & Kids
Advanced Juvenile & Junior Swords Wednesday 6-7.30 PM Teenagers & Kids
Elite Junior / Youth (Latin / Ballroom) Swords Wednesday 7-8.30 PM Teenagers & Kids
Private Lessons Swords Thursday Adults & Kids
Open Class Swords Friday 6-7 PM Teenagers & Kids
Competitive Practice Swords Friday 7-8.30pm Teenagers & Kids
Juvenile / Junior (Ballroom & Latin) Swords Saturday 11.30am - 1pm Teenagers & Kids
Minor (Ballroom & Latin) Swords Saturday 12 - 1pm Kids
Advanced Juvenile & Junior (Ballroom & Latin) Swords Saturday 1 - 2.30pm Teenagers & Kids
Elite (Ballroom & Latin) Swords Saturday 2 - 3.30pm Teenagers & Kids
We also open weekends for birthday parties

Wedding Dancing Lessons

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